Does your work require that your prospects and clients trust you?

No one is likely to ever tell you that they don't trust you, they just stop returning phone calls and emails.

Members of iHonest benefit directly from a personalized online and printed version of a verifiable profile, that highlights your criminal record, association memberships and designations, as well as an opportunity to showcase your skills and accomplishments, your social media contact information as well as a secure email form for your prospects to contact you, along with your picture and phone numbers. Your profile is SEO indexed so when a potential client searches for your industry in your city, your profile will be displayed. Imagine the power of influence when your prospect sees your complete profile, along with your criminal record, showing your transparency.

No one is likely to ask you to do a criminal record check, it just does not seem politically correct to do so. Yet, in the world of employee/employer relationships, it is standard procedure. iHonest helps you establish trust and transparency right up front, where the decisions to hire are made.

I worked with Gordon when he was the Executive Director and founder of IPBC. Gordon is professional, supportive and clearly demonstrates his leadership and communication skills, which led to his success with IPBC's growth from nothing to a thriving association today. I commend Gordon on his networking skills and his ability to professionally reach out to contacts which is essential for the growth of his new business iHomest. I would recommend Gordon for his new business iHonest as my dealings with him have all been conducted with integrity and honesty.

- Lisa Patrick,

I was the founder of the largest association for bookkeepers in Canada. During my almost 5 years as the Executive Director, I helped hundreds of bookkeepers to laser target their marketing to attract new and better clients. My experience in the industry has taught me that there is a huge unparalleled, untapped opportunity for you, in an area that even I had not even thought of before. If you are looking to increase your revenues or to position yourself in your community as an honest and trustworthy bookkeeper or accountant, join iHonest today. The annual membership fee is only $295 or $80 per quarter, plus $50 one time registration fee.

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Those of you who watched me build the largest bookkeeping association in Canada know that iHonest is poised to grow quickly and provide you with exceptional money making value.

Great strategist and a marketing genius.

- Rafael Bustillo, Liberty Tax, Winnipeg MB

P.S. No one has ever asked you for a criminal record check. Of course not, no one has likely ever asked you to prove anything on your website or business card either. That is the entire purpose of iHonest. By being right up front, you naturally attract the best clients, people who don't ask you to cheat on their books or taxes, people who pay you on time and people who will respect you.

Do you have questions? Please call me today, toll free at 604-790-2548.
- Gordon Skillen

So what kind of people are members of iHonest? Check out these example profiles of proud iHonest members:

Marcel Levesque

Bookkeeper based in High River, AB, Canada.

ML Tax Planning & Accounting

Eldon Guenther

Accountant based in White Rock, BC, Canada.

777 Eccounting Systems Inc.

Kathryn Petersen, CGA

Accountant based in Delta, BC, Canada.

HD Global Capital

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