Why iHonest?Why iHonest?

Your Customers are Afraid to Choose You

Fear is a horrible feeling that can create a virtual paralysis in your customers and prospects. They are terrified to make a decision because they don't know who to trust. Every time they turn on the TV or pick up the newspaper, they hear stories about professionals ripping off their clients. There are over 90,000 fraud incidents per year in Canada[1]. It happens all the time, in every industry. And the worst part is — it stops your prospects from choosing anyone until they absolutely have to. Rash decisions are poor decisions, so it's up to you to demonstrate your commitment to transparency and honesty. Every news report about fraud gives your client one more reason to delay choosing you.

Remove fear from the equation, so your prospects can feel comfortable choosing you. You know you're honest and trustworthy. iHonest can help you prove it.

Our Story: We Learned About Fraud the Hard Way

Our CEO, Gordon Skillen was one of the founders of Canada's largest bookkeeping association, and during his tenure as the Executive Director he was able to grow the association into the nation's largest bookkeeper association. Despite 30 years of industry experience, Gordon Skillen was a victim of fraud.

It's the same story you've probably heard a number of times. A "professional" who looked and sounded normal, and even had references stating how fantastic he was. Instead of doing his Due Diligence, Gordon believed the information that had been shared with him. Information that, at face value, showed the professional to be nothing less than a saint among men. Glowing references, a professional designation, and membership in respectable and well known organizations.

Unfortunately, this is what Snakes In Suits Links opens in new window look like. They do their best to blend in, trying to look exactly the same as every other professional. It's not until you look a bit deeper do you learn that the story they're telling isn't quite true. The glowing testimonials were fabricated by their friends. The professional association has never heard of them. And the criminal record they neglected to mention is proof that they've suckered someone else before. Yet there they were, offering their services to the next victim, and this time it was Gordon Skillen. He fell for it and it nearly ruined his life.

To ensure he would never have to feel the embarrassment and shame of being a victim, Gordon sought a third party verification system to investigate future business relationships. He was looking for an easy to understand verification system to identify people and businesses; a verified level of trust and transparency. He couldn't find it, so he created iHonest, allowing professionals, like you, to prove their honesty and demonstrate a commitment to transparency.

"According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, 95 per cent of people who are scammed never report it."

- Canadian fraud cases rose in 2010 Links opens in new window - CBC News

Why Membership? Honestly Better Business

iHonest is here to help you market yourself as an honest and trustworthy professional by providing a third party verification of your criminal record, professional association participation, and professional designations. Once your credentials have been verified, you will be given a Seal of Trust to use in your marketing materials and online presence, establishing your commitment to trust and honesty to your clients, prospects, potential business partners, and everyone else. Visitors to your website can click on the Seal of Trust to be taken to our detailed report about you.

Your Seal of Trust links to your member profile so everyone can easily see that you are transparent and honest. If you'd like to see what it looks like, check out the profile of our CEO - Gordon Skillen.

When given a choice, your prospects will choose the person they feel they can trust the most. iHonest helps professionals differentiate and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by fully disclosing information about themselves, including a criminal record report, and this fosters an element of trust between them and people they work with.

iHonest can help you become a trusted, reputable professional in your industry. An iHonest Membership gives you access to exceptional resources and educational opportunities, including our blog and newsletters.

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"...there were 90,932 actual incidents of fraud in Canada in 2008."

- Statistics on Fraud in Canada Links opens in new window - Parliament of Canada

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