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"...there were 90,932 actual incidents of fraud in Canada in 2008."

- Statistics on Fraud in Canada Links opens in new window - Parliament of Canada

"According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, 95 per cent of people who are scammed never report it."

- Canadian fraud cases rose in 2010 Links opens in new window - CBC News

"...the poll of 802 firms estimated employees cheated their employers out of a collective $3.2-billion in 2010, the study's author reckons the true figure is much larger."

- Canadian small businesses lost $3.2-billion to workplace fraud last year, study finds Links opens in new window - Financial Post

"More than half of the businesses in Canada...had been the victim of fraud in the past year." "...a quarter of the businesses said their losses exceeded $500,000 and a significant portion of those crimes were committed by someone working for the company."

- Helping prevent businesses from falling victim to fraud Links opens in new window - The Guardian

In 2010 there were 126,655 calls made to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center.

- Annual Statistical Report 2010 Links opens in new window - Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre Criminal Intelligence Analytical Unit

Smaller organizations with less than 100 employees accounted for 42.2% of the victim organizations represented in this study. Small companies suffer disproportionately large fraud losses with a median of C$150,000.

- Detecting Occupational Fraud in Canada: A Study of its Victims and PerpetratorsLinks opens in new window - The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

24.7% of fraud cases in Canada were from the Accounting department.

- Report to the Nations On Occupational Fraud and AbuseLinks opens in new window - The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners