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In 2010 there were 126,655 calls made to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center[1], and the CAFC believes that only 5% of fraud cases were reported[2]. If you think that's scary, what are your customers thinking?

iHonest™ — The First Ever Seal of Trust For Service Providers

iHonest™ is a brand new, unique service that allows you to show your true self to your prospects and customers by displaying your very own Seal of Trust on your website and marketing materials. Share the information pulled from your criminal record check with people who are looking to buy from you. Give them proof that you are who you say you are, and you have earned each initial and association on your business cards. Proof for everyone that you are an honest and trustworthy person to do business with.

If you're a business owner running a bookkeeping, accounting, financial planning, or other service business, you can prove to your customers and prospects that you are worthy of their business by displaying a Seal of Trust on your marketing materials, as well as on a custom profile on the iHonest.com site. Our team will perform a criminal record check on you, including verification of your professional designations, enabling your prospects to choose to do business with you because of your commitment to transparency. You have nothing to hide, and this is what sets you apart from your competitors.

Remove the biggest barrier to your success by showing the world that you have more than just skill and experience in your field — you also have proven honesty, integrity and full transparency working in your favour.

iHonest Verified Member Seal of Trust

iHonest Seal of Trust

Verify Your Honesty

You've created an environment of transparency and openness, but how are you proving this to the people who are thinking about doing business with you?

Win Your Customers' Trust Before They Do Business With You!

We help Business Owners and Professional Service Providers get new customers by:

  • » Providing a factual differentiator between you and your competition
  • » Providing complete transparency
  • » Establishing trust and credibility
  • » Giving your customers irrefutable proof that you are an honest and trustworthy person to do business with

Why iHonest?

Why is iHonest needed?

Be Proud of Your Honesty

Anyone can say they've got a degree and put extra letters after their name on their business card, and since everyone is too busy to check, it's assumed to be true. Unfortunately this isn't always the case and too many customers find out that the "professional" they've entrusted to serve them is not as qualified as they claim. Usually they find out after something bad has happened.

Do you know any businesses or people who:

  • » Post fabricated testimonials?
  • » Claim to be on a board of directors, but aren't on the board at all?
  • » Claim to be certified professionals, without all the hassle of earning the certification?
  • » Have a criminal record, and fail to share this with their prospects?

iHonest.com's Seal of Trust proves to your prospects that you have the experience to serve them properly, and they can confirm it by clicking on the Seal of Trust to read our detailed report about you. This is one of the most significant tools you'll ever use in your ongoing efforts to promote yourself and your business. Trust via third party verification. It's good for you, but it's even better for your customers.

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Your Customers want to Know, Like and Trust you. We can help.

You might have a great website, a ton of testimonials, even have a thriving business, but if your prospect has had a bad experience in the past, and chances are they have, they are going to be sceptical and timid about the professionals they choose to work with. Membership through iHonest.com can help you avoid the scepticism, and bring in more business.

Teach Your Customers to Expect More

There are over 4 million Canadians with a criminal record[3]. That's about 12% of the population. You can rest assured that your competition is not sharing their criminal history with anyone. Your customers deserve to know the truth so they can make an informed decision on the right professional for them. By partnering with iHonest, you are showing your customers that it is the professional's job to prove his or her honesty.

You run your business with honesty and integrity, giving good value for what you provide, and now is the time to let everyone know about it.


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3 Steps to Prove Your Honesty

iHonest Membership comes in 3 easy steps and is only $295 per year or $80 per quarter, plus $50 registration fee.

  • » Register your member profile on iHonest.com. Get Started Now
  • » Have your ID and your Consent Form verified
  • » Receive the results of your criminal record check by e-mail and confirm your member profile

Once you approve, your member profile will go live and you can use the iHonest Seal of Trust to share and advertise your iHonest member profile, helping establish your trust and credibility. To help you get the most out of your membership, we provide detailed, easy to understand guides, and educational information on our blog and newsletter.

Your ideal clients know the value of trust, and they are willing to spend the time looking for a professional who actively displays the Seal of Trust badge. A membership with iHonest.com will result in more, and higher quality, prospects. Transparency. Honesty. It's the way business should be done.

Establish trust and win more business by becoming an iHonest member today

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