The Age of the Entrepreneur

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Today’s ideal social form is not the commune or the movement or even the individual creator as such;  it’s the small business. Every artistic or moral aspiration — music, food, good works, what have you, is expressed in those terms.

Call it Generation Sell.

Whatever you want to call it: The Age of the Entrepreneur, Generation Sell, or The Entrepreneurial Generation — we’re moving towards an economy and society where everyone is in business for themselves. As the quote from The New York Times article Generation Sell says, the ideal social form is now the small business. Entrepreneurship is the new cool.

Even traditional careerists are finding themselves being entrepreneurial, creating a personal brand and often marketing themselves as a small business would. They’re looking for career moves, whether it’s full-time employment (often short-term) or part-time, gig and project work. This shift away from reliable, long-term, full-time employment is partly caused by our economic situation, the democratization of technology and cultural shifts with a greater celebration of entrepreneurial pursuits.

As an entrepreneur yourself, this presents tremendous opportunity. However, we need to re-frame our normal methodology of either being B2B or B2C business, when everyone is both a consumer and their own brand and business.

“If you want to get ahead, said Benjamin Franklin, the original business guru, make yourself pleasing to others.”

With no one a regular consumer any more and everyone in business for themselves, how do you seize these opportunities and thrive? Personal relationships, which have been a mainstay of B2B business development, are now becoming even more significant and necessary for success.

Checkout the infographic below from Young Invincibles about young entrepreneurs in America (similar statistics are likely in Canada):

An Entrepreneurial Generation Infographic

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Great insight! thanks for sharing this information on what can be the positive roles that entrepreneurs can play in building a better society.